Every act of charity makes an impact. And each of our donors, friends, grant recipients and local leaders plays a part in making a difference in our community. These are their stories.

See What the Good Does

 Carla Van Meter, Donor

"Giving is contagious. Growing up, it’s something our family always talked about: using our resources to help people in our community who truly need it. Philanthropy has become a family tradition. It’s part of who we are. And I’m honored that my four children—and now my sixteen grandchildren—are carrying that tradition forward.”

See What the Good Does

 Eunice & Anthany Beatty, Fundholders

“We’ve always cared about helping young people, and over the years we’ve given to a number of efforts that align with that. Through the Foundation, we’ve found greater focus. Our fund allows us to support initiatives we personally connect with, like providing school supplies to kids who need them. Seeing a child’s eyes light up over a backpack? That’s powerful.”

See What the Good Does

 Tracy Lambert, Grant Recipient

“My students didn’t believe French was relevant. They didn’t meet French people on the street. Most didn’t have the resources to go to France. With a Foundation grant, I’ve created a program to connect my students with French students—exchanging letters, recipes, photos. It’s become a focal point of their learning experience. And it’s making a huge difference in their engagement, their grades and their lives.”

See What the Good Does

 John R. Hall, Former Board of Director

“When it comes down to it, what we’re doing is simple, but powerful. If you have a charitable dream or aspiration, the Foundation can help you achieve it. And there’s never been a better time to do exactly that. Right now, there are more needs in our community than we can possibly fund. Which means we need you—your passions and contributions—at our table.”



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